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I'm addicted to map making

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I am preparing to release a pack of maps created by me in the coming weeks. A lot of these maps are based off of fictional circumstances that more or less resemble tactical scenarios where normal problems seem to be the extremes.

In some of my missions, I tried to make them so difficult for both sides (the river bella for example) that it would be hard for either side to get anything above a tactical victory. The missions are cold, sadistic, brutal and downright demoralizing in length, intensity and circumstance.

The one saving grace about these missions is the fact that if you can actually finish and beat the missions with decent causality rates and speed, you deserve a huge pat on the back (on some of them).

Somethings (like being given Priests in the open desert while having random stuka attacks likely) are put in to see how you can cope, etc. They are more for training for certain situations than beating them fully. I can't spoil all of the aspects but a lot of the maps just in their design are sadistic death traps that look deceivingly normal.

I expect playtesting and designing to be done in a couple of weeks. Done so far:

* Road To Salvation(Allied attack in Italian country side)

* The River Bella (Allied attack in Italy)

* Breaking Point (Allied Defense in Northern Africa)

* Run for the border (Allied break out of narrow map end through Axis Defenses, have to cross land bridge in order to leave)

* The Final Countdown (Allied attack on a Large sand dune controlled and dug in by combined German and Italian Forces)

That's whats finished so far. I plan on making more Axis attack maps and incorporating the French more for tricky situations.

So, what do you guys think? Anyways, the pack will be in the scenario depot II in a couple of weeks.

- Uberpickle

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I have finished a couple more Axis attack scenarios.

The levels Trainyard, Hostile Hikers and Rambler's Raid are Axis attack levels.

Im creating some levels with the french that are defend and meeting engagement levels as well. I should be done pretty soon.

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