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Installing CMMOS To Another Drive Than "C"

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Has anyone been able to easily install CMMOD 4.05 to another drive other than “C” drive?

When installing to another drive the CMAK directories do not get installed and the program does not list the option in the lower right box for CMAK to set the directories.

I have tried to install the program under Win95 & Win98SE to another drive without success.

I eventually got it to work but had to copy a lot of files around.

If I installed to drive “C” then just copied the all the files to the other drive I received the following error

“Took exception while attempting to read CMMOSPath from Registry”

The registry entry was:

GEM Software Productions

CM Mod Option Selector

4.00 Version “4.00”

I could not see a path statement at all. Does anyone know where the path statement is? If I could have changed it, the install may have been easier.

I kept my old installation on “C” drive to get the files I would need to fix the installation.

To get it to work I had to delete the registry entry and install to the other drive. I then copied the CMAK directories to the new installation. A had to also copy the CMMOS.exe from “C” drive as the installed one did not have CMAK in the dropdown box to set the paths etc. I also copied the CMMOS.ini as it had a few more entries in it. This may not have been necessary I do not know.

I then set the paths and installed the rule sets then some mods. It appears to working now.

It took two installation attempts to get the install to include the CMAK folders under “C” drive as well.

Has anyone else been able to install it to another drive than “C” via an easier method?

If I knew where the path statement was the problem could have been fixed a lot easier I think.

I only like to keep the operating system on “C” and programs on another drive. As this makes backing up and restoring a lot easier, and since I have a multi boot system I need to keep the partitions small within the first 2 GB boot boundary to fit all my operating systems on.

If anyone new is using CMMOS for CMBB you must remember to get the updated rulesets from the 2 update pages as well as the rulesets in the main CMMOS section. Hopefully MikeT will post a full set soon at CMMODS to make that step easier.

Any help regarding the CMMOS installation to another drive than “C” would be appreciated as I sure I did it the hard way.


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i have winxp, one hdd with c: e: f: partitions. cmmos 4.03 was on e: when i upgraded to 4.05

i didnt do anything special. my normal cm are on e:

could be xp handles it better. if it was my last choice, i would copy all the cmmos zips to a cd, uninstall cmmos and delete cmmos related, restart computer, reinstall cmmos and zips.

but wait for a smarter answer.

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The one thing I did not try was to upgrade. I did delete all CMMOS before I started. Since it is working now all is ok.

If I have to reinstall again I will try to upgrade from the old version rather that do a new install, as that is what the installer seems to want to do in the second round of the installation.

Thanks for the feedback. At least I now know it is posible for the installation to work first up.


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