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So... what's your RL story?


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Though I'm brand new here, I've met what seem to be some very interesting people with very similar interests to me (a rare thing!). This is just a post to find out more about each other in RL (Real Life)... just say your age, what you do, how you got involved in war gaming etc...

I'll kick it off:

I'm a mere 15 years old, probably one of the younger members here since most of you seem to be more "mature" (not all though ;) ) in your posts smile.gif I live in Casablanca, Morocco, and have lived overseas for more than half my life (first in Cameroon, then France, then Morocco)

I've been interested (well more than interested actually ;) , more like crazy about) anything military since when I was 3 years old watching the gulf war on television. Ever since then I've wanted to be in the military, with my current goal being to get into Army Special Forces, and then Delta Force, easier said then done of course but I'm working at it (i.e. running, lifting weights, push-ups etc...)

I got interested in war gaming when I bought a game called "West Front" which I enjoyed thoroughly, before finally getting kinda tired of it after 2 or 3 years (I still play it with a friend in the States though through PBEM). Later I discovered a company called "GHQ", I went to their site, and viewed some of the coolest looking WWII miniatures I've ever seen, I quickly bought two armored companies for a grand total of about 32 tanks, and several hundred infantry. All of them are amazingly detailed and to scale, and the war game they are used for is very fun as well.

Now, just recently I've discovered the world of CM, after seeing it mentioned at a game forum just like this for a game not yet out, called "Wartime Command". I highly reccomend you all check out the site, it seems to be the next step in wargaming, the graphics are oustanding, and the realism seems to be incredible as the Devs for the game have promised unsurpassed accuracy.

Here's the site: http://community.codemasters.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=155

Anyway, that's a shortened version of my life ;) , at least that pertaining to war gaming... How about you?

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