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Grog help needed for February 1941, Juba River


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Did Sir, thank you for placing your order with Grog Depot!

You have very specific Grog needs and it might take upwards to 10 business days to locate your Grog.

In the meantime we'd like to offer a lightly used January 1941, Juba River Grog for your use until your order is fulfilled.

Thank you again for your business!

Grog Depot.

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Well....thanks, and make it snappy! Last time I asked for Grog help on getting the serial number of Mussolini's grandmothers rifle it took nearly four hours to get it - and its was for the Paternal Grandmother - like someone would be interested in that!.

Chop chop

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Do you have access toi Pitts Crucible of war? Vol I (Wavell's Command) has a failry extensive section on IEA, incl Cunningham and Juba River.

Oh, what about the relevant British Official History? I don't have them here, but I do have access to them if you aren't in too much of a rush (a week or so incl repro).



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Unfortunately I don't have access to that. I'm stuck at the bottom of what I term, "the information well" I'm living out in the Persian Gulf where good libraries and descent bookstores are only dreams. Shipping in books can be a nightmare with my having to go to the dreaded post office to have my packages ripped apart by a malodorous maladroit who'll treat my shipping a book to myself as an offense against his desire to do as little as possible.

Yes I would gladly wait for any material you could send!


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