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Market Garden Scenarios

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On the scenario depot you have 2 that i know of set in Arnhem:

HSG Arnhem Mayhem v2

The Devil's Bridge... Arnhem

Both good scenarios but i like the later better i felt it gave a more realistic interpredation of the town and its actually possible to win as the British. Although that doesnt mean its going to be an easy fight! But it was really fun to play.

The former which ive played a few times, has more of an urban battle feel to it imo but some dont like the layout of the map.

In my last playthrough (only got half way through before my opponent disappeared) i was actaully winning but still had some time to go and with more and more Gerrys appearing.

If you dont mind some spoliers i would check out the discussion area for the latter as screenshots from mine and a chap called 'Navy' playtest are still on there with our AAR.

One final word fun beats grammar monkeys tongue.gif

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