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3rd Armored Division Mini-Campaign at the SD.....

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HSG has posted the first scenario in a series of battles intended to follow the 3rd Armored Division across Europe. It is what we are calling a mini-campaign(M-C). There will not be less than 10 scenarios, done by several different HSG scenario designers, and there may end up being many more. The M-C is only limited by our ability to find, research and model the battles the division was involved in.

The series has been extensively researched. The sources for our scenarios include interviews with actual participants, University archives, the Patton Museum archives, AAR's, unit histories and numerous books and internet sites.

This is the first of a series of mini-campaigns (M-C's) to be done by HSG. The goal is to highlight at least one division, from all the major nations, that fought in the war in Europe.

The scenarios of the 3rd AD M-C will be released as they finish playtesting. The first scenario to be released is HSG 3AD Villiers Fossard. This was the first engagement that the 3rd Armored Division took part in after landing in France, it is only fitting that it be the first one posted to the Scenario Depot.

Enjoy this and other HSG scenarios at The Scenario Depot and The Proving Grounds.

Good Hunting.

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Originally posted by Michael Dorosh:

Will the various battles concentrate on a particular battalion, or represent fighting among all of the divisional units over the course of the campaign?

Interesting concept.

The various battles, will concentrate on the more interesting fights that the division was involved in, rather than a particular sub-unit.

We wanted to show the more pivotal battles, that the division played a part of during this time period. We felt that we would get a better representation, by simply following the division, and seeing what major or interesting fights they were involved in.

The 3rd Armored Division, being one of the major Armored Divisions of the US Army, was involved in a lot of fighting.

IIRC, I believe that you did something similar with the GD in CMBB. I hope that the 3rd AD M-C, is even close to being as successful, as your GD series has proven to be.

We'll see if this is a concept that most gamers will like. The plan is to give gamers a two for one set of options. You can either play them individually, like any other scenario, or you can play them in order when we get them finished. Playing them in order will allow the gamer to see the evolution of, not only the division, but the war in Europe, as a whole. See how the Americans learn to fight, and see how the German Army gets progressively weaker, with less and less assets to fight with. See what an American Armored Division has at it's disposal and learn how to use that equipment.

An interesting thing for me to see, is how often the Americans are passed over, tactically. Yet, at the same time, they took the largest haul of German prisoners during the war in the Ruhr Pocket. They won almost every major battle that they fought in and did nothing but drive the German Army before them.

That is all prefaced with the knowledge, that most of the German Army was on the Eastern Front, and the Germans were short of everything. Facts still remain, that the Americans won most of the battles and campaigns, that they fought against the German Army.

The 3rd Armored Division was a good division to start our M-C idea with, because most players know less about the American Army, and how it fought, than they do about any of the other major armies in the European war.

**Edited for content and punctuation. I need to sending posts late at night... :eek: **

Good Hunting.

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