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*** NEW MOD: High Contrast Snow***

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This mod increases the range of darkness->lightness for the Snow "Open Ground" tiles (and treed tiles).

This improves your ability to see what the shape of the ground is like. The price you pay is that the boundaries between tiles of differing hights is more pronounced. For me, it's well worth while.

The picture I have attached shows a scene with and without the mod. Somehow it doesn't do justice to the mod: I think it looks better in real life than in the picture. Even so, I think you will see that the top picture makes the valleys clear, wheras in the bottom (original) they are somewhat harder to spot. When the hills are more subtle the effect is even more useful.

(I'm not entirely as happy with the snow ones as the others, because the only thing that contrasts with white is grey, so low areas end up looking very grey. I may improve on that sometime, but in the meanwhile, this is functional. Pretend the sun went behind a cloud...)


(you need to log into cmmods to see this picture...but you're always logged into cmmods, right?)


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