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AFVs and Bomb Craters - Getting Stuck?

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I was playing a QB as the Americans vs. the Tac-AI Germans in 1944 Italy, and my P-38J air support dropped a pair of 1600-lb bombs on a StuG IIIG. Unfortunately, the bombs only bracketed the StuG and caused the crew to button up. The next turn, the StuG was fine and motoring about the landscape. However, at one point it actually drove precisely across the middle of one of the bomb craters, only being slowed down until it got to the other side of the crater. Now, I'm no ordnance expert, but I'd think a 1600-lb bomb would make a hole big enough to cause a StuG crew to think twice about trying to cross the hole. Is there any chance of an AFV bogging down or even getting completely stuck trying to traverse a bomb crater?

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