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Korea mod for Poppy

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I've uploaded a North Korean mod at CMMODS.

from the mod

Korea for CMAK - North Korea - DPRK

Andrew Fox's CMBB Soviet uniforms, summer and quilted winter, numbered for late war German Heer infantry and Mountain troops that share bmps, and tank crews. Summer caps are BFC DAK, emblems removed.

Juju's and BFC CMBB small arms and gun rack. Not all weapons changed due to shared bmps. Antitank rifle must be selected from mid war.

Flags and last seen icon from Flags of the world website.

Back up your files. Use with MCMMM. enjoy

win xp sp2 didn't stop me smile.gif

ok hans, get busy

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This is slightly OT but I thought that a neat follow on to CM would be to combine CMBB and CMAK to allow the Allies to fight the Russians. This could simulate a hypothetical Western Allies vs Soviet union war at the end of WWII as well as the Korean war. One could have US and British fighting along with their new German allies against Russians and their new eastern european allies. This would pit US, British and German equipment against Russian and german equipment. The Korean war variant would add in later equipment such as Patton tanks as well as North Korean, ROK, and Chineese troops with Russina equipment. I am sure that this idea has been thought of and posted before. Just thought it might be worth mentioning again.

p.s. I just finished reading Korea, the Forgotten War by Clay Bliar. It is an excellent book on the Korean war!

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the t34/85 has less armor than the late german tanks (chris' db chart) but a big gun.

the panther vg late has thick but poor quality armor, 75mm gun

the tiger has the 88 gun, thick armor, and no comments in the info screen about quality.

i renumbered cmbb captured va to vg, had to make one bmp, and zimorodoks ww va.

dont use all combined in winter or the trees will be green.

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you are supposed to end with "thanks poppy" lol

just uploaded at CMMODS

Andrew Fox's US3 modified for Korea summer and winter. I used his summer torsos, green legs from his winter mod, gloves on summer arms for winter.

Back up your files. Use with MCMMM.

This may not be historical, but looks more like the pictures I've seen.

Includes summer tank crew.

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You are in luck, I had done a map of Korea, trying to design for that stark, wintery hills look, that was based on a map about a small historic attack. I have completed it.

Small Battles, Outpost Eerie, 1952 will be sent to you for a 'look see' later today after I finish internal playtesting.


Scenarios on demand

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Scenario completed in rough draft and sent to you and Lucho.

A Korean CM? By itself there not enough material, as part of a cold war or post wwII conflict expansion disk, yep it might have some interest.

But the main interest of the CM crowd will remain centered on Germany and its conflicts with the Allies.

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How can BF leave Korea out of their next CM production? Almost all [cant spell virtuly] of the weapons used in Korean war 1950 were used in WW2 so almost all of the reasearch has already been done. In addition we would get to us the Pershing, the updated[hopefully] easy-eight, the Centurian, 3.5 bazooka. There should be a lot of fans interested when they become more aware of the nations that participated in that war. And Burma WW2 could be included in the same production,lotsa stuff went on there almost no armour which would be very interesting. Thanks poppy Gonna have my son install spell chect for me.

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Originally posted by junk2drive:

"But the main interest of the CM crowd will remain centered on Germany and its conflicts with the Allies. "

and the game developers

i just try to come up with something different. i can only play standard scenarios so many times before i burn out.

Yeah I hear ya, I like the 'oddities' also which is why a Danish 1940 scenario is coming and also a bizarre Chaco war scenario.
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