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Slipstreaming the patch installation

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In the original thread about the patch which is now closed I said:

I'm the unoffical tech support for several of us who play CM.

I'd like to be able to script the installation for the others so no human interaction is necessary.

Can command line arguments be given to the installer to specify the language to use and the location to install to (we use the CDV version here in the UK) ?

If not, can they be added for the 1.03 patch?

and Madmatt responded

Tim, the installer does prompt you as to which language you wish to install (English, French or German) and you can install the files wherever you wish. By default, it looks for the install path in the registry but the CDV version of CMAK doesnt have that registry entry so it allows you to browse to wherever you wish to put the files. I actually detailed the exact install procedure for CDV customers on the online download page which will be up once the new patch is ready.

With the context set, I'll continue.

Matt, I agree with what you say, it's all there in the notes, but I'm trying to make it even easier for "my users". There's a (different) registry entry for CDV versions indicating the installation location and, in my case, all the users are English.

So, I want to have a batch file or, better still, an installer (say one written using NSIS) that *automagically* sets the language to English and locates the installation directory from the registry entries and executes the BFC provided installer with that information ready provided so the user can't make a mistake.

I want to be able to say something like

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;">CMAK_v102_Patch.exe /language English /location D:\Games\CMAK


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It's a patch to the batch for the patch smile.gif

I'd probably write an NSIS installer rather than risk someone not being able to run a batch file, or not having the patch executable for the batch file to run, or Saturn being in the house of Libra, or whatever.

Users, eh. Who needs 'em ?

(Of course, whoever writes the patch installer for BFC could look for the CDV registry entry if the BFC one isn't there and then (part of) the problem would go away. Or, better, CDV could stop messing about with where the damn thing installs and which registry entries it uses. But then what do I know? I only write software and installers for a living smile.gif )

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Tim...Hmmm, yes its possible to do that but it would not be easy at all and would require the use of a dedicated installer program, similar to what I use, which is Inno Setup.

You would need to first devide up all the new files for each language version, plus all the shared "common" files. The you would need the installer to key its install locale on CDV's registry entry which defines where the game is currently located. Lastly, you would need the installer script to try and look into the registry and id the language version that Windows is running.

All of this is very possible, but I simply don't have the time to do it for you.


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I don't want *you* to do it - although obviously that would be better - I'm happy to do it if either:

a) the installer you provide can take language and pathname arguments; or

B) a list of the changed files and where they go was available.

If (a) is either too hard or too much work (and I appreciate you may have a lot more important things to work on at the moment than making my life easy), then, presumably, you've got the list of files as you need it to build your own installer. Let me have that. I'd be more than willing to post the result - an installer for CDV customers using English at the least, one for everyone (BFC and CDV) in all languages if that was feasible.

As a last resort I can always diff the original and patched trees (or just hold my users' hands).

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