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A Big One

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Just uploaded a big scenario to The Proving Grounds.


A fictional exploit of an Axis breakthru is met by Allied reinforcements. An initial Axis attack has to consolidate its positions before Allied reinforcements arrive. The Allied player has to hold his positions to turn the tide of battle once his reinforcements arrive.

70+ turns

The huge map and regimental sized task forces will test your computers limits. My 1.6GHz 256 MB took 2 hours to process some turns (the small blue indicator might hang for a few minutes). Lots of units across open ground equals lots of CPU time to calculate LOS.

The scrolling on the map was smooth, however.

This is the price I had to pay to get a "very realistic looking" desert map where you are able to maneuver your forces.

Comments welcome. Playtesters wanted.

Comments from TB155 and intro below.




Comment from Treeburst 155 upon receiving the scenario to playtest in PBEM:

"Wow! Now THIS is a scenario. I loved the briefing, and the map

is very realistic looking. It looks as though you did a lot of work with the elevations, rather than just generate some "gentle slopes". It must have taken you quite a while to do that on a huge map like this. I don't think I've ever seen more realistic looking terrain."

----Scenario text----------------------------

Dezember 1942

Fictitional Axis Exploit. An Axis attack is met by Allied reinforcements.

Map: Huge (3.6km * 3.52km)

Forces: Huge, regiment-sized

The open map and the amount of forces might result in up to 2 hours to compute a move. (1.6 GHz, 256MB)

File size might be an issue in PBEM.

Best played as 2-player.

Due to force structure, the AI can not handle the Axis forces. Read: Definitely not playable as Allies vs AI.

Due to force structure, the AI will not be able to use some Allied forces. A bonus (+1 exp) for the Allied AI might correct this. Better use +2 exp or +1 exp and +25% forces. Read: Axis vs AI not recommended, but it might work.

Situational overview:

While the Allied forces prepared a major attack, Axis forces broke thru a weakly defended area further west and are now attacking a vital hill in the Allied rear. The hill is important for several reasons:

The hill is the dominant terrain feature overlooking the surrounding terrain.

The surrounding terrain restricts trucks to roads and thus the crossroads beneath the hill is a choke point for allied supply lines.

The village at the base has the biggest water supply in the area. Taking it will ease Axis water supply and thus free trucks for other tasks.

The main problem for the Axis player is to bring in his forces before Allied reinforcements show up and shift the force ratio. Flank security towards the east is a must.

The Allied player needs to buy time with his initial forces and deny the Axis the high ground. Infantry probably can't hold the rather bald hill, but infantry holding the village will prevent German trucks towing guns onto the hill and gather valuable intelligence on the Axis deployment.

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