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TPG Scenario Contest!

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Scenario Submissions for The Proving Grounds tournament, The King Of The Hill 2:

The scenarios should not be larger than a battalion per side. However you want to mix that up you can. Engineer fortifications do not count towards that. There is no point total that we are looking for.. just scenarios that are not too big and will play on most machines.

No longer than 40 turns and the turn limit set not variable. The designer can change that later if they want.

The scenarios for the tournament will be picked by a panel of 10 judges. If you're interested in being a judge let me know.

If your scenario is selected for play you cannot play in the tournament.

The scenario can be either in CMAK or CMBB. It can be fiction, semi-historical or historical. Your choice!

Send them to me directly.

Send them to:


You must be a member of The Proving Grounds to submit scenarios for the contest.

Good Luck and Good Hunting.


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King of the Hill 2 Tournament Scenarios

Here you go, you great CM scenario designers, all the specifics about the contest.

All scenarios must be new. No scenarios that have been posted to public sites will be accepted. This is simply so that all players see the scenarios for the first time in the tournament.

No more than 40 turns and the turn limit being set to a specific number not variable ending.

No larger than a battalion per side. I don't care how you mix and match, I want no more than a battalion, that is 3 companies, per side! I consider 10 vehicles to be a company.

All scenarios for the first round should be recieved by me no later than 28 February 2007. On 1 March 2007, they go to the judges, so they can pick which ones go into first round.

Those not chosen for the first round will be automatically considered for the second round. There may be possible suggestions made for playbalance at that time.

Those designers that submit scenarios for the tournament cannot play in the tournament. Sorry guys, you don't get to play your own scenarios in the tournament.

I look forward to your work. Have it to me no later than 28 February 2007. Send it to:


Good Luck and Good Hunting.


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The scenarios for the tournament will also allow a designer to make a scenario that is not restricted by points but by size. Up to a battalion on each side. With 10 vehicles counting as a company. Support weapons and engineer obstaccles/fortifications not counting in the total.

So whether you want 2 companies of King Tigers and Company of PG, or 3 companines of recon infantry the scenario will be good. Points is not the issue but the number of units in the fight. Since normal support weapons like LMG, Snipers, HMG, etc....belong to a company sized unit they will not be counted either.

Now if you decide to put in 500 HMG's along with 3 companies of infantry I'm pretty sure that won't fly....but if you do the normal allotment of 3-6 HMG's per company I'm pretty sure that will.

The judges will determine what makes it into the tournament. If for some unforseen reason there is an issue the judges can't resolve I will resolve it.

Show off your skills! The scenarios can be about anything. And whether or not the scenarios are chosen you will get good experience and feedback from some very experienced judges. You will get direct feedback if you send in a scenario.

The feedback may be as simple as, "this is too big, cut a company on the Soviet side".

Or it may be something like, " the map is a bit too small and you need to add 3 turns."

Whatever it is we will get back with you. We want good quality scenarios and the way to get them is support your scenario making efforts.

Remember...you have until the last day of February to get those scenarios to me! Be careful who you use as playtesters! If the person you use as a playtester may enter the tournament and end up playing it again. That is not what we want. If you need playtesters let me know.

Good Hunting.


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