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Hi, had an idea. Maybe this has been done already but I made this mod using someone else's fence mod, only for test purposes I must add not distribution, so if you recognise your fenceposts don't be alarmed please. I think this type of fence has a lot more tactical life than the standard wooden one.

You can quickly wire up a position in the editor and although it will be seen by everyone at set up, that's ok I think because a lot of the time when attacking you would have known exactly where the line was anyway.

Although there were not a lot of barbed wire fences in rural Russia I think it looks ok as a standard fence as well.

Thing is, I'm no modder and I'm sure someone else could do it justice.

Anyway it's an idea so what do you think?

p.s. If you look closely you can see that the fence actually joins with the wall of the pill box. 27414663ue7.th.png

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That looks pretty darned good. I really think you should try to release it yourself. You did the work, you deserve the glory.

A couple of long-winded suggestions, though, which you can ignore if you wish.

You need to construct a readme file that covers a couple of points. The version number of the mod (I'm assuming we're looking at 1.0 or its predecessor) in case you put it through several iterations. A comment similar to the one you made in your post -- I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't use barbed wire fences anywhere in Europe, that fence is almost certainly military only (and I've seen photographs of German defenses that use coiled concertina wire and straight wire like what you have here).

I really like the way the wire curls around the post. I'm assuming you have a source photograph for that -- if it's period and colorful by all means include it as a jpeg, otherwise keep the little man safe out of sight behind the wizard's curtain.

You might want to do a search at cmmods in the cmbb and cmak sections for straight wire fences -- there are a couple of them, and I think it may give you some ideas. What would I be worried about? CMBB uses a very dark palette, and you want to be sure that the wire (which is probably a bit on the rusty side irl) doesn't glow in the dark from two kilometers away. Or at least not anymore than anything else does. The way you do this is to feed the wire portion of the mod into a program of the photoshop variety (you don't need the full program, just something that lets you fiddle with brightness and contrast) and get the wire so it looks like every thing else. I suspect the posts already blend in nicely, so you'll need to adjust the brightness/contrast of the wire separately from the posts. You'll have to make a few adjustments, test, make a few more, lather rinse and repeat until you like what you see (then sleep on it for two days and see if you still like it).

Try to mention the name of the modder and his mod that you derived your posts from, if only in passing. Sometimes things like this have surprisingly long pedigrees.

The brightness of the wire issue will vary, of course, from computer to computer. But if you can get it looking appropriately subdued on your machine, chances are, unless its a Mac, it will look good on just about everybody else's. I say this because the light trimming on a lot of the uniform mods (especially the German officers' hats) is way too bright, and outrageously labor intensive to adjust for your own machine if you didn't make the original mod yourself. And it also makes a difference whether you look at the mod from ten (game) meters away or two kilometers. If you can see it from two klicks away, it's too bright.

And I know we're encouraged to save bandwidth, but I hate having to click on thumbnails to see a mod image. Half the time the thumbnails trigger my anti-virus alarms because of their advertising, and they're really slow to load. If you poke around in Imageshack there's a setting that puts the whole image on the forum site from the word go.

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Hi, thanks for the advice Phillipe, I may have a go at this, although Iv'e zero experience. I agree about the brightness and I would certainly give credit to the creator of the orginal fence mod I used, this was just a test to see if it was going to fly.


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Razor wire (as opposed to coiled or concertina) is a fairly recent invention and wasn't used in WW II. But there's a coiled barbed wire mod over at the old combatmissions site that works in all three games. Here's the link since most people have probably forgotten how to get there:


You can download it from that site, or you can find it in the cmbo section of cmmods.

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