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When do guns use Tungsten?

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I have a 50mm AT-gun engaging a T-34 in a current pbem battle. The AT-gun only had 25 AP, 3 T and several HE shells.

It shelled the T-34 (at 275 meters) for a minute now, and send 8 shots in its direction (nice rate of fire btw). All shots bounced of the turret (some shattered). All shots where AP. The gun managed to get the attention of the T-34 crew, who shot back twice, both misses.

I was wondering when the AT-gun crew would switch to Tungsten. The shells are precious, I know, but after so much ricochets it might be clear that they are needed? Or does the crew "know" that there is a (theoretical) change of killing the T-34 with normal AP, and won't they use Tungsten therefore?

Anyone got any experience with this, or even done some experiments?


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From my CM observations, the internal, individual unit AI will use tungsten when that unit would feel that the use of tungsten would be likely to hit and would be effective. Generally, tung is used after a few AP rounds have been fired and possibly a hit would have struck the target.

The player has no control as to the use of tungsten.

Cheers, Richard smile.gif

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