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Selected item frame characteristic

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I have both CMBO and CMBB and I am sure that I read both manuals but...

When the action commences, and a selected tank will fix on a target and fire - the yellow frame gets bigger. I am guessing that means that the firing unit profile is getting bigger briefly, to the enemy. Is this correct?

If it is in the manual, either one, and I missed it - Sorry - I'd be happy with the page number.


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The frame is around the image of the tank, when the tank fires, the main-gun blast is included in its image and so the frame swells with the blast (returning to normal when it's over).

I'm positive it has nothing to do with gameplay, although noone has told me so specifically. AS Captain Wacky said, it's just a function of the game engine and not repesentative of any change in visibilty.


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