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Core interface change request.

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obviously i don't know the code so i can't say how long it would take, but it seems to me a small change for a huge difference in how the game is played.

i would like to be able to Ctrl Click around the map with a unit selected. IOW, do not drop a waypoint if the Ctrl Key is pressed but still trigger a map pan.

unless i'm doing something wrong (in which case i'll be so happy i'll get over my embarrassment at posting) the game consists of selecting a unit & telling it where to move. to do that you've got to pan the map. this happens at a certain speed.

what i would like is to select a unit, ^Click a place that might be suitable, drop down to 1 to check LOS, then drop the waypoint. the time taken to do this is reduced to negligible.

what you more normally end up doing is ^Clicking to likely spots then going back for the unit, dropping the waypoint then going to 1 & adjusting it.

does anybody else have any hints that i'm doing it wrong? have i missed something obvious?

if not, can it be included for CMAK?


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