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obstacle course

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I was thinking about finishing a project I started awhile back . . . a CMAK obstacle course. The idea is, if you can capture the flag before the clock runs down, you're a bloody CM master. The map is laced with puzzle after puzzle . . and they are quite tough! In fact if you can breech the last obstacle we need to talk smile.gif That said every obstacle can be cracked, more or less with ease.

It is a German "attack". The force composition:

1 Plt Pioneers

1 Flamethrower

1 HMG42

1 mortar HT

1 105mm Stug

4 tank hunters (scouts)

While that is a tiny attack force, the map I have in mind is long, and would take a healthy chunk of time to complete. I have to test it further but likely 100 turns.

So I'm wondering is there any interest for this sort of thing out there?

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No signup is necessary. I'll just make it a scenario anyone can download.

I'm still working on it. It's more or less finished but I'll need a few days to wrench out the kinks.

I'm wondering if it might not be better to do each obstacle as a seperate scenario . . little byte battle types. Or one grand strategic sweep. You know, Americans are so ADD today . . . . tongue.gif

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Damm! I wrote a nice long piece yesterday I lost it!!!

Gist of my idea was a flags point to point race across a large map with all types of terrain. Downloadable so people could claim exciting things like my Kubelwagen took 3:40secs from A to B, my Tiger took x:xx etc

Now as frivilous as it sounds as every one playing would be learning about speed, acceleration for various units and specific terrain effects on speed etc.

I personally think it a wonderful idea - but then I would wouldn't I : )

Expansion possibilities like do you dare risk the pillbox with the ATG or got the long way round : )

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Well I've made this thing extremely challenging. It is very beatable, but really I can't imagine anyone will actually crack it. I'm more concerned about the fun factor. Some of these puzzles are seriously monsterous. That's also why I thought byte battles, obstacle by obstacle, might be better. I'll have a few people playtest it first and see what their take on it is.

In my experience playing QBs and such over the years, very few people prefer the slow, chess-like style of CM play. The better players of course do, but not everyone is in it for that. So I guess this will be for the esoteric chess crowd. ;)

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