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*251/1 tan whitwashed mod*

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Well, despite the lack of response (everyone too busy playing CMAK?) I must give my pal Wicky a thumbs up here. I have been saving my FAVORITE CMBB op--"Third Battle of Kharkov' on my computer for over five months. Not only is it a killer op but visually stunning as well. For modsluts this op is ideal--use AndrewTFs SS winter uni's, JorgeMCs mid Russian winter uni's, plus the many whitewashed AFVs (including the Tiger)and you have an op that beats anything CMAK has yet produced. My one regret about CMBB is that the modders did not complete the game--there are many vehicles left.

In this op what still sticks out in its camo scheme are the mid MkIVGs gelb. The greys have been done, but not all of the gelbs. I have been waitng and waiting to finish this op with all of the units decked out in their cool winter outfits. For me, the eyecandy is half the fun.

So, hats off to Wicky--a rising modder star! :D

Am I alone with the sentiment that CMBB is still the best of this trilogy? CMAK is good, but BB still reigns supreme!

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