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How to exploit armor supremacy

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This might belong in Tips and Tricks but it's a DEAD FORUM :mad: :mad: :mad: so i''l just risk putting it here. Anyway, what to do in this situation: You are the attacker in a medium cover map. You are fairly sure you have killed all the enemy's AT assets (maybe minus a gun in a valley or an IAT team). Both sides have reasonably intact infantry, and you haven't located the bulk of their's. How do you use your armored suprremacy to negate the defender's ambush capability? Obviously, once you find them they can be shelled and MGed, but how do you find them without losing a bunch? Also, what armored units are good for trashing dug-in infantry in woods?

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I guess I'd keep my armor in overwatch and move up my infantry towards the next objective.

By overwatch, I mean keeping the mostest barrels pointing in the enemies direction with clear LOS.

Then, I'd rush/advance/Assault a TEAM (one half of a split squad) into the next questionable area where the enemy might be lurking. If you've set your tanks up with good fields of fire to cover your infantry, then they should be able to lay a wallop on whatever enemy's heads pop up.

Also, you can try RECON by FIRE. If you've got lots of HE chuckers you can blast SUSPECTED enemy locations for a turn and let your infantry observe. See who crawls out of the craters. THEN ATTACK!!!!! smile.gif

The best guns for rootin' out dug in infantry in woods would be the BIGGEST ones. smile.gif

Something like a Selfpropelled gun. 105mm. StuH. Su152.

Have fun.

Gpig smile.gif

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If your tanks have a large ammo load, just shell the crap out of anything that looks suspicious. Buildings have to go, woods, pines, and trees have to be turned to splinters, rough should be made even rougher. Pound those locations with concentrated HE fire.

If my tanks have a small ammo load out I like to move my entire force around while several tanks lob a few shells at suspected places. To give the defender at least some suppression.

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If you are playing a scenario against the AI you might try the rather gamey (but useful) trick of seizing one of the flags (i.e., moving some armor up close to claim it) in relatively open ground farthest from where danger might lurk. This should prompt the AI to unleash its previously entrenched infantry to come reclaim the flag. Of course a human player would rarely fall for this one.

As I type the above I wonder whether Battlefront might consider adding a toggle for turning on/off automatic AI counterattack mode in CM3.

Best, Richard

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here are my observations:

- if you want to draw fire, any flame tanks would do, they are usually the first to draw enemy fire, as troops are terrified of them. (have not tried, a flamethrower sitting on a half-track yet).

- if you want to recon by fire, if you are playing russians, the M17MGMC Halftrack is most excellent, , it has 4 MGs and enough firepower against most German armored cars and half-tracks. if you are playing germans, you could consider the Wirbelwind (it has 4x20mm cannons and better armor than the Russian M17 halftrack), however the Wirbelwind is only available in later '44.

- oh yes, i like to destroy buildings with AFVs if they looks suspicious enuff. While the enemy may still lurk inside the rubble, they will most definitely incur casualties or panic.

good luck and share your findings.

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If you want to fight tanks or battles successfuly you have ot be flexible rather then ridged, adjust and control the flow of the battle, while adapting to what you create on the field, and if your good like me, don't second guess yourself, that is unless your playing me. :D

I'm just trying to show off cause everyone loves bragarts right? :D

Well i think i'm totaly awsome anyway......

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Ok, who let G F out of the Peng thread? :D

For me the best way is to keep to the same rules for attacking. Try to isolate parts of the battlefield and clear them with the bulk of your forces. Or you could always turn it into an ME and advance with a small unit (a platoon with a tank) while the remainder are in overwatch/manuever positions.

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