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I got your "thank you" right here.

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Edited to add:

Doggie, I wasn't talking to you. Why did you reply to my post targetted at Reinhald? I simply corrected your dunderheaded assumption that the halftrack with the recognition symbol was a late war one.

I'm glad that Reinhald has some friends who feel it's fun to spam a board where he's been acting like the child he is. I would recommend you read through his crud and then see whether you still feel the same way about backing him.

[ August 19, 2003, 07:02 AM: Message edited by: Soddball ]

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I can see you are still having illegal copies of content of the eichenbaum.org website.

This is a violation of the copyrights law!

I have you warned about this once but it seems you're not willing to remove them from your webserver.

If you don't remove those images I'll inform the authorities in my and your country.

With kind regards,

Webmaster Eichenbaum.org

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