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--== Operation Störfang ==--

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Read the mission briefings carefully. You'll find your answer there :

Access code :


On a certain point in this battle you may have captured enough ground to receive the access code. This access code can only be seen if you have the landmarks turned 'ON'. Showing or hiding landmarks can be done with the keys : [sHIFT]+[L] This access code gives you the possibility to move to an other grid (area). Most of the access codes can be found on main roads or open spaces on the edges of areas.

You can abort the mission at once and move to another area, or you finish the battle you have started. Leaving the area while forces are still fighting does not mean that a ceasefire request is given. An other commanding officer will take over your mission. You will be transported to an other area (of choice) an start a new mission there. Aborting a mission can be done with the keys [ALT]+[A].

IMPORTANT : Before you take any actions after receiving the access code we advise you to 'save' your game. Write your access code down, losing it can cost you a lot of time playing the battle again.

Objectives :


Objectives are pointed with landmarks.

Turn landmarks 'ON' or 'OFF' with [sHIFT]+[L]

or if you lost it :

mail to : forgottencode@eichenbaum.org smile.gif

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