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What happened on that bombing run?!

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Howdy all,

I am playing an old B&T scenario against the AI, Porechye Bridgehead, as the Germans defending their gains across the Luga in July '41...I know, it's a gimme, but a little mindless defense against the AI can be fun now and again. Anyway...one of my Sdkfz 10/4 AA vehicles started firing at an IL-2 on a strafing run. Seconds afterwards, I saw a burst of puffy cotton-balls appear in the sky, looking just like a fireworks explosion. The three largest puffs fell to earth and damaged two of my vehicles.

I've never seen this type of air attack before...or WAS it an air attack? Did the plane get hit and fall to the ground? I have no recollection of seeing an aircraft shadow continuing on its way across the map, although I unfortunately didn't keep a screenshot of the event. Anybody seen something like this before? Thanks for your ideas!


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Hmmm...good idea, Nidan1...but the burst looked very much like a point explosion, with some puffs looking much larger than others. This is what made me think about a successful AA attack.

I haven't looked at the kill data on the AA vehicle to see if he might have been lucky...I'll check that tonight...thanks!

One other Shturmovik note...I did a little searching this PM (other work-related sims running in the background!) and read one IL-2 history that said while just under 300 planes had been produced before Barbarossa, only 18 had been delivered to field units. Furthermore, factories in Moscow were relocated to beyond the Urals as soon as the invasion began. Any opinions on how realistic IL-2 use is in July '41 CMBB?

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Thanks as well, Jason...I witnessed another similar attack after writing the original message so I was able to verify it myself.

I really enjoy learning alot from you about the game and its historical basis -- even if some of your messages are a bit excessively harsh. But I won't hold it against you...after all, a bit of honest emotion is refreshing now and again...

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