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BTS: What is "Random"?

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For the various parameters which can be set to 'Random' in a QB, what does it really mean?

A) Uniform distribution- All available choices for that setting are equally probable

B) Historically Adjusted- The choices are weighted with respect to how likely that setting was given the date, time, yadda

C) Something between A & B- Possibly somewhere between the two, as a concession to having interesting results with Random in cases where one choice was vastly more likely, (Sov vs Part?) or one choice would almost never be picked via B, etc.

D) It's different for different parameters...

E) Something Steve will explain. smile.gif



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Originally posted by Michael emrys:

[QB]It's the name of a character in Roger Zelazny's Amber series of novels. Next question?

1) Why on Earth, (or Amber), did Z pick that name for a character? That always perturbed me.

2) Where can I get the Mod which will allow Corwin to go into Bullet Time in the Kolvir Campaign?

3) Did you enjoy your Ramadan?

4) Why do Tank Hunters get to have a Cover Armor command, neither Pioneers, Sharpshooters, nor anyone else can?

5) Why does a Cover Armor arc not consider Halftracks and such as Armor- surely the distinction should be between Carbon/Steel?

6) Why can't the SE load a map generated by QB?

7) Why can't the SE generate a *Random* "Smart" map, as smart as QB does?

8) Have you, (as a Mac player), ever witnessed your mouse behaving as though it were having an epileptic fit in view Six?

That should keep you out of trouble for awhile. The Fawlty Towers DVD collection fits on three DVDs, btw- four episodes per.

[EDIT- Thanks Slappy; and I guess Earth should have been capitalized]


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