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Truncated scenario names

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Sorry if this is a known issue, but I didn't see anything in the search results....

Seems that scenario names are chopped off after a certain length...at the beginning of the name, not the end.

So, "Came Saw and Goddamn Russians"

Shows as:

"me Saw and Goddamn Russians" and though it is listed alphabetically, it appears to be out of order as an "m" is in the middle of the "C's".

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I've noticed this as well. However I believe what is happening is that the CMBB and CMBO Scenario Screens are simply right justifying the scenario name, and there is only space for 25 characters. The scenario name remains the same, thus is in the correct alphabetical order, but any characters beyond 25 from the right margin are not displayed. Try Renaming the scenario to "Came Saw & Goddamn Russians".

An important aesthetic tip to scenario authors is to remember that scenario names can only be a specific length and still be properly displayed on the scenario selection screen, as well as the scenario title down at the bottom of the screen when actually fighting the battle.

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