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New features at The Proving Grounds

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New features at The Proving Grounds

Just a quick note to let those of you who haven't visited the site yet, or for those who haven't been by in a while know of some new features added. Biggest new feature was just added today. A Scenario Discussion Area? is now available for every scenario posted to the site. Clicking to "Discuss This Scenario" will take you to a notes area where you can discuss with the scenario's author and others ideas, tips, suggestions about that particular scenario. This should aid the developer by having a centralized area for these discussions, while allowing others to throw in their 2¢ since they can follow the thread.

A discussion area is automatically generated and an initial post is added whenever a new scenario is uploaded. There is also a "Review" section for each scenario. The discussion area was added to keep the reviews section clear of all posts except those that are an actual review of the gameplay of that scenario.

The Author's area now displays more information about their uploaded scenarios, including the date of the last revision, the date of the file on the server, and the date the scenario was first uploaded. Links are provided for each scenario, including "Info" where the author can view who has downloaded that scenario on what date and any reviews posted.

For those who have never been by the site, the basic idea of it is to provide a testing area for scenarios that are still in development. After the testing and once the author deems them completed, they can delete the scenario from The Proving Grounds and move it to other locations that specialize in the storage and rating of scenarios, such as Admiral Keth's top rated Scenario Depot. As featured at The Proving Grounds is an opponent finder section where players can search gameplay criteria to find other opponents that they should match up well against.

The Proving Grounds caters to both CM:BB and CM:BO and of course will support CM:AK once that day comes (soon, please soon battlefront!)

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This "Discussion Area" is really a great idea GJK and has added something to an already good and interesting site. Should be fun to help the scenario designers by letting them know what you experienced in the game before they release it to the general public. It allows an area where you and others can kick around ideas and thoughts that you have pertaining to the scenario after playing or during a game. It's kind of fun and if you are like me and too lazy or just don't have time to design one yourself it's the next best thing to making a scenario yourself. Anyway, good idea.

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...-It allows an area where you and others can kick around ideas and thoughts that you have pertaining to the scenario after playing or during a game. It's kind of fun-...

Oh Yeah; its fun !!... smile.gif

It also does wonders to fools who tend to be a bit too doubtious about every step they take :D

(and i dont mean u...)

Thanks GJK !!


To all that love playing (ore MAKING) exciting games and love to be usefull to others. But also just like having fun with a bunch of people. Like to talk about the exciting games and the ways to even make it more exciting, and a better experience for others:

please come around... ;)


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