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6 men in 41' romanian zb30 Lmg team? What for?

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They carry alot of ammo.

100 compared to 38 for mg34

The romanian ZB30 is also listed as moving "fast" while the light mg34 is listed as moving "medium"

The Romanians treated it like a HMG, thats why there are so many people in the team. But in the game it is treated like a LMG. With the bonus that LMG:s don't jam. smile.gif

Later in the war, only 4 people serve the ZB30.

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Originally posted by Kanonier Reichmann:

Then it wasn't so heavy and the question still remains. Why the hell would you need 5 men to support a bleedin' Bren gun?


Obviously, it's one man to carry the gun, one man to carry the ammunition, one to carry the spare parts wallet, one to carry the tripod, and two to argue over whether the tripod should ever be used or not.

All the best,


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