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A question or two for the 'BERLIN GROGS'...

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Hey guys, I really like some help.

I'm putting together the third scenario in my Berlin Trilogy, "Gestapo HQ, Berlin". The map is pretty well done but if anyone has any specific 'greater area' information about the MITTE area May, 1945 I'd really like to hear from you.

Also I'd like to put together a specific MOD, as in 'Battle For The Reichstag', for the Gestapo Headquarters building itself.

I have some poor jpeg images, but I'd really like 'any' detailed imagery of the building itself, that I could get.

Thanks guys in advance



[edited to make sense :-]

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Thanks Sergio, I have all bar one of them, that being the last one. It's a nice shot of the battle damage too, looking along Prinz Albrecht Str. toward Potsdamer Station. Bless Google!

The second photo is great isn't it. You can see Anhalter Station in the background and the damage to the building from the last allied air raid on Berlin. To the right of Gestapo HQ is a museum. The photo itself must have been taken from directly above the ruined Air Ministry (destroyed in the same air raid).

I'm spcifically interested in the carving in the arch near the roof above the main entrance...

Does anyone have any idea what it is of, I can't quite make it out?

Cheers, Richie

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