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I took all the mp3 files from the CW_CMBBSOUNDMOD, converted them to wav-files (with MPEGSuite, included in the MOd), put them in a folder named "Über-Mod", added some soundfiles from the FATHEROFNONESOUNDMOD, zipped the "Über-Mod"-folder and installed it to CMBB via McMMM.


You should better listen to all the files before installing, maybe you prefer the weapon-sounds from the FATHEROFNONESOUNDMOD ?

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Well, O.K., then start with downloading these files:


CMBB Sound Mod




FatherOfNoneSoundMod_1 -


GJK Beefy Tank MG's Sounds


Install McMMM, run it.

(But beware! It's postcard-ware! Sent a postcard to GreenAsJade! ;)

Now you have to set the working directories for


for example for CMBB:

CMBB Directory: C:\Programme\Combat Mission 2\

(...or wherever your CMBB wav- and bmp-folders are located...)

CMBB Mod directory: C:\Programme\CMMods\CMBB

(..or wherever your zipped Mod files are located...)

-finished for now, that was the easy part- ;)

Now unzip the soundmods + the Soundmap.

Each Mod gets it's own folder.

Now open your CMBB-wav-folder. Compare the sounds by clicking on them.

(Maybe you need WinAmp for this, simply find + download with Google)

( for example: 000000435.wav - 000000442.wav = MG 42 LMG, for more deails see NCRAWLER_CMBB_SOUNDMAP ;)

Pick the ones from the SoundMods which you like best compared to the original sounds and put im in a Xtra folder named Über-SoundMod (or something like this)

O.K. this may take a while, after that, there's one problem left. Some of the files in your Über-SoundMod-folder will be .wav files (good!), some will be .mp3 files (bad!). Sort them by type.

Install MPEGSUITE (comes with CW_CMBBSOUNDMOD), start, locate + click your Über-SoundMod -folder in the left window, click "Decode (mp3 2 wav)", mark every mp3-file in the middle window and press the "double-arrow" to the right. Now your selected mp3 files are in the right window.

Click configure, configure + make sure the output format is wav. Click "Decode (mp3 2 wav)" again + click Decode.

Now locate your decoded files (mine landed under C.\.., dunno why...), put them back in your Über-SoundMod-folder. Make sure there are only .wav-files left in this folder.

Now you could just overwrite your CMBB wav-files with your favourite SoundMod-wav-files, but - No!


Zip your Über-SoundMod-folder. put it in your McMMM-CMBB Mod directory.

(whatever folder you selected in the MCMMM-working directories selection.)

Open McMMM. Select CMBB. Select File + "New Mod".

Select your zipped folder, click LOAD.

Switch to Uninstalled Mods. Select your Mod.



Run CMBB. If you don't like the new sounds (or some of them), simply uninstall the Mod.

(You could now also delete the Mod from McMMM's "Uninstalled-List", unzip the folder, repack, rezip, reinstall.. )

Now that you have McMMM, you can also test all the other great MODS that are avaiable, and if you don't like them, well, no problem, just unistall from McMMM's Install-List.

I really do hope this helps!

Reading the ReadMes should help, too!

Enjoy the new Sounds ! ;)

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