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We need the late tiger-stug3-4 pack in CMMOS

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You (and your support team of course) are a tireless cybergenic (is that a word??..sounds pretty hip and sci-fi though) manmade entity whose only focus is to tirelessly serve and deliver. What a GUY! What a TEAM! Aww what the heck..come here and give me a BIG HUG <sob!> <sob!> I love you guys!!!!


Disclaimer - Mr. MG42's lawyers would like to point out that Mr. MG42's suggested mention of a hug will be delivered in the spirit of a "manly" hug where a minimum distance of 0.4meters between bodies must be observed for a maximum of 3 seconds. A minimum of 3 back slaps must be delivered during engagement to maintain manliness and any hint of snuggling is strictly prohibited. Any rumors or idle gossip suggesting a change in Mr. MG42's sexuality will result in direct legal proceedings!

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Well thanks, I don't know about tireless. I have made some serious mistakes recently and had to redo things...I have that. Good side is that it means that I am rethinking some of my plans. For instance I was going to recreate a new ruleset for Obstacles, Fortifications, and Pyrotechics. But after thinking about things and work on some matters I decided to roll the idea into the Misc ruleset!

But anyway got to get back I just finished AndrewTF's new Russian uniforms and want to do JorgeMC's new German uniforms.


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Originally posted by MikeT:

Those have been download already and divided up into their separate components. They will be done it is just a matter of time before they will be made ready for you.


thank you! :D


p.s. Apparently there was some extra stuff in my .zip (namely Jorge's abt505 tiger mod) please don't include that as well

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