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Losing causes...

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And if you are in BoB remember your stats!. Some one wisely said thta if all is lost just try to fight and gain a few small victories - an enemy platoon overrun or your men selling their lives dearly when trapped. All good experience for games when those few points really matter. Also gives him achance to make a booboo : )

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Der Kuenstler,

If ther are just a few turns to go I think it's good form to play through. Someday it may be you that's just about to kick someone's ass just to have them up and quit.

However if you are on the attack, all your tanks are smoking hulks and the only infantry you have left is an artillery spotter with no ammo, you might point this out to your opponent and suggest a ceasefire.

Ceasefires are always better for both players because the game ends "as is". This allows both to see what the real situation was at end game.

Surrender causes all the surrendering infantry to surrender and all tanks to be abandoned.


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