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Hey Mr.Noobie!

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Hey man, ive dled your SU pack 3 times from the 2nd greatest web site in the world(1st is Battlefront). Each time when i try unzipping it using Winzip i get a message saying, "Winzip cannot open this file, it does not appear to be a vaild archive. Try dling again." Just wondering if im doing something wrong? Although ive dled a sh*tload of mods from CMMODS and had no problems unzipping any before. Just thought you should know in case this needs to be fixed. Anybody else have this problem or is it just me?

P.S. Thanks for all your great mods Mr.Noobie, its much appreciated. Love your work. smile.gif

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eh dont look at me i just upload em, so far your the only one that had this problem. Besides once uploaded its out of my hands any problem from there is either you or the database. The only time i had problems were if i were to forget a certain BMP and i have to u/l the zip again and thats about it.

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Oh, ok, wasn't aware of that, sorry to bother you. It must be me, since this mod has been out for awhile(1,505dled) with no other complaints. Im on 56k with a terrible dl rate of 2kbps. :( Well since i can't get this mod to unzip i guess im just gonna have make due without it.

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