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PBEM Question

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Hi everyone, a quick question - I'm playing a PBEM as the Allies and am confused about the sequence. After Turn 3 came in the mail I loaded it, played the movie, clicked "done" and was asked to save the turn. I could not plot a move. Then, in turn 4, I loaded the received turn, played the movie, clicked "done" and plotted my moves normally; clicked "GO" and then to the save screen. Now, I loaded and watched the movie for turn 5, clicked "done" and again went straight to save screen, without a chance to plot moves. Is this normal? Can the Allies only plot moves on even turns? I have the special edition version 1.03 disk. Thanks ahead of time for any help.


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The sequence is designed to prevent cheating. You can't watch a replay and perform command functions right afterwards. The game separates these functions so that one player can't watch a replay, see that his plan didn't work out, then replan again, trying something different.

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