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Artillery continuation help!

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Hey there,

The manual states (in the Ostfront section of changes at the back) that artillery will continue to fall beyond incapacitation of the FO as long as spotting rounds have begun to fall. Well, I just played Wittman in the East, and my Russian spotter got broken or routed by MG fire and he ran off and hid in a trench. The actual firing had already commenced, it was beyond spotting rounds, but it all stopped as soon as he broke.

What gives? Has this been changed in a patch or somefink?

Thanks for any help...

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Originally posted by Bone_Vulture:

This question has puzzled myself as well, and I think it's so that if the spotter dies, the rounds keep falling. If he flees, or otherwise loses his targeting line, the barrage stops.

Maybe he always has the time to say "I'm about to break! Stop the bombardment!" before hightailing it outta there.

They had two choices: Stop shelling once he breaks and leave him ammo or waste all his ammo once broken. Each would p*** off some people. Just imagine he radios back "Salvo right on target, gimme more" after each salvo. Once he stops the firing stops.



BTW: Preplanned arty ignores the spotter. He routes, dies, leaves - who cares. The rounds will fall.

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