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Slowdown Issues

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When playing WAW the game slows down a lot after playing for around 5 minutes. It seems to get worse as time goes on. It will take 2-3 seconds to select a unit or do any other action. Even when buying a new unit it will take a few seconds to register every tech upgrade that is added to it. Shouldnt be a problem with the speed of my computer, as it runs all other games fine.


AMD 64 4000+

Geforce 8800 GTS

2 GB ram

Windows XP

I have tried lowering the resolution from 1900x1200 to 1280x 1024 but that does not seem to have any impact. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hi Matt,

Please try running the game in 16 bit mode. This can be done inside the game by going to the 'Settings' dialog. For example if you are running at 1900x1200x32 try running the game at 1900x1200x16 instead.

Also I would suggest trying to run the game in Full Screen mode, also set in the Settings dialog and disabling a second monitor if you are running a dual monitor setup.

Hope this helps,


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