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(Memory ?) Error

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I've just installed the game and it's patch 1.06. When starting the programm and choosing a 1280x768 resolution I get the following error and a black screen:

[08/09/2007 11:50:16; 5.1.2600; 1280x768x32(1); v1.06] FAILED(make): 0x8007000e Für diesen Vorgang ist nicht genügend Speicher verfügbar.

(translated in : not enough memory for this process available).

Obviously there isn't enough memory present, whcih is quite ridicilous since I own 2 gb of ram and 2 ati 1950xtx graphic cards with 512 mb ram each.

I've tried different resolution settings without success to start the game. DirectX runs in the diag mode without error and it's version 9.0c. The whole thing is running on a XP system and I'm the only user on this PC, therefore I'm logged in with the admin account. The system cache is set to prgramms, not software.

Now I'm quite helpless and hope you know a solution for this problem.

Kind regards,


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Sorry to hear about the trouble. Looks like you did some trouble shooting now the trouble is trying to narrow down the memory error specifically.

I would make sure you have enough HD space available as well as to make sure none of the installation directories are write protected.

I would also suggest trying to apply the latest video card drivers, sound card drivers and DX drivers just to make sure none of these is at fault.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Hubert,

all drivers are up to date: Catalyst 7.7, DirextX 9.0c and the latest Creative drviver... The HDD has over 400 GB free space and is not write protected...

Maybe it is a video problem. I've had a similar trouble with a game some months ago, but it was solved with a change of it's ini-file. I had to deactivate all those screens and videos before the actual game surface appears onscreen. Is it possible to run this game with some commands like 'c2.exe -video -pregamescreen' ?

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