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French Game?

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You can already do that easily by changing the following file: localization.txt

The disatvantage would be that after a patch you might need to copy over the french translations again.

A little quote from the instructions:



; 1) This file MUST be saved in a 'text' only format, i.e. *.txt.


; 2) Each translatable line begins with a "#" control marker. For each of

; these lines, the FIRST WORD (appearing in capital letters and appended with

; an "=" sign) should NOT be translated, after that each subsequent word

; (which will appear in the editor and/or the game) SHOULD be translated.

; For example (an English to French translation):


; #ERROR_MESSAGE= Error Message

; to

; #ERROR_MESSAGE= Message d'erreur



; #EDITOR= Editor

; to

; #EDITOR= Editeur

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Hello everybody

My english may also be poor - sorry then in advance.

However, I've tried to make a translation from the english "localization.txt" as proposed in the above debate. I've thus got a french version of it but there are still a few adjustments to make:

1- I don't know how to include it the present mail - but I'm ready to send it to the administrators if they give me the adresse where I can send it to (I guarantee it without viruses: I don't even know how to create them).

2- I've got an incomprehensible problem :confused: which is that the list of campaigns for a new game or the list of saved games appears to be empty although there actually ARE files !!! :(

3- I hope that the difference in length of the messages from french/english is not going to create problems

4- I hope that the translation of the text itself suits well the different situations in which it is used

5- As the manual and the explanations are in english, I would maybe recommand users to first play the game in english to match buttons-meanings and only then switch to french.

Best regards to everybody

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