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Where is the eLicense??

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I finally have some free time and sat down to install the game and play and it asks me for an eLicense. Where is that at?

I looked on the book and the cd cover and nothing. I then looked at my email confirmation order and nothing on there either.

Where is it at?



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Hello Jonp,

for pre-orders, the elicense key was emailed out to you. At the time of pre-orders, the licensing system was not working, so we had to improvise. For some time already, and in the future, every order confirmation also already includes the license key.

So if you did not get your license key, the email to you didn't go through. I see that you have contacted our support email already and the key was re-sent, so please let us know if you've got it now, which I assume you do.


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I have exactly the same problem and I am REALLY mad!! I was longing for the game so I pre-ordered it in march. Yesterday I got the CD BUT NO license key! Nowhere! Nada! It seems, that the CD assumes that I have a "downloadad" version (which is not true, since at the time of ordering there wasn't an option to download) and that I already got the license key, which isn't the case (in my order receipt there was NO license key). I am so disappointed and frustrated. I reported the problem immediately yesterday to the "sales@battlefront.com" address, but until now, no response. Now I'm away from home for business reasons for 3 days and I hope to find the f**** license key on my return!

Samichlaus (=Dieter=a very unsatisfied customer)

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Hi Samichlaus,

the license key was emailed out to everybody who pre-ordered on April 14th. Since at the time that we launched pre-orders it was not clear if eLicense would be an option, there was no other way. In the future, everybody who pre-orders is going to get their key with the order confirmation right away (even if the download might take a little longer).

A number of people didn't receive the emails with license keys because they got stuck in spam folders, or because people didn't state their correct email address when they placed the order, and we're resending any such requests within minutes after somebody emails us.

Please resend your email to elicense@battlefront.com with your order number and/or your full name and the email address you used, and I'll re-send your key immediately.

Sorry for the hassle. Like I said, this has been a one of a time due to the somewhat improvised launch as we were implementing the system.


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I sent you your code last night less than 10 minutes after you sent your email to us. As Martin said above, you would have also gotten the code sent to you back on April 14th. Did you get it? Since you said "up until now, nothing" I would imagine that you DIDN'T get it. Please check your email filters as it was sent to you. Email us again at eLicense@battlefront.com if you still have not gotten the code.


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