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Can't start game.

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Downloaded fine. I did a copy/paste of the license key from the email to the window, so that was correct.

I installed it everything seemed fine. I checked the box so it starts at completion of installation. NOTHING. No Enter key popup

Clicked the Icon again - NOTHING. I never got the window to enter the lic key screen.

I rebooted. Clicked the icon - NOTHING.

I opened task manager to see if the game was not responding. Nothing showing in the Apps window of Task Manager.

I read a little of the FAQ. Some thing about eLicense Control. ....which you’ll find under “Start -> Settings -> Control Pane->eLicense Control”. Or any other other options listed.

I don't have an >eLicense Control function on my computer.

What to do? What to do?

Athlon 64 3500+, 512M RAM, Ge6600 Graphics, 30+ Gig of HD free space, XP with SP2.

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Something is preventing your eLicense Control center to install. You need full admin rights on your computer for this. Make sure that you have full administrator rights when running it for the first time (you can drop them later).

Another possiblity is that you encounter a similar problem to the one listed in the FAQ: http://www.battlefront.com/elicense_faq.html

At the very end of the FAQ page is a description on how to set "DEP" for Windows to allow eLicense to run. Check your settings and follow your steps.

Try these two things, and in the meantime I'll get some professionals to doublecheck what else it could be. Which OS do you have? You can also email elicense@battlefront.com with your system specs.


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