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Sound Files Corrupted

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When I first got SC and after loading v1.06, everything ran great. I started PBEM this week and now I'm having problems:

1) Music works in initial menus, start a game, the mouse click sound works but none of the movement or battle sound effects work.

2) Sometimes music keeps playing, even after I quit the game.

Reboot clears the latter problem but my sound effects are gone. Also, I'm getting an occasional error message about version DirectX 7.0 when I have 8.0. Could my opponent's PBEM attachment have corrupted my game ? The v7.0 DirectX thing might be symptomatic of that if that is he has DirectX 7.0.

What do you recommend to restore my sound effects ?

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Even though you have DirectX 8 it will include all previous versions of DirectX as well. SC was written to take advantage of DirectX 7 so this may explain some of the DirectX 7 error messages you are getting but I would probably suggest uninstalling SC and then reinstalling from CD. Sounds as though perhaps some of your files or even the executable has become corrupted.

Hope this helps,


[ February 07, 2003, 05:56 PM: Message edited by: Hubert Cater ]

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