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In Memorium, a Good Man

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It was 35 years ago today.

Forgive me this brief indulgence...


I once shook his hand,

May of '68 it was... see,

He was passing through,

On his way - to a brilliant

Tangerine Land.

It couldn't have meant much to him,

It shouldn't have meant,

That simple hand-shake,

Nearly... the whole wide world

To me.


It did.

And then the Evil arrived,

As it does,

And then the Evil-doer survived,

As sometimes,

All too often,

It's true.


On occasion,

It can be blue,

Awful... pale-grey blue,


In a brilliant Tangerine Land. smile.gif

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So whats this about? I dont know all of the english language so well but this git absolutely nothing to do with SC unless it was Hubert you met.


your a poet, your a saint

so let me send you a simple complaint

stop spamming the board you loon

or else HE will arrive here soon

his name his Martin...Martin MOON

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