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Iron Ranger and Shaka was probably right, air must be limited


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Playing the top z-league players Ive learned a lot about performing on the highest SC-level. Air is king, and then I mean KING. Strategy is beeing reduced to deploying airfleets at the right location.

That means that if your axis 5 air fleets jet level 5 in France and 5 in Russia pounding the russian corps to rubble and if your allies building 10 airfleets in UK to if possible reduce the axis advantage.

The situation is dangerous for SC, Air is to powerful and dominates the entire game. I dont wanna sound as a bad loser but it makes for quite uninteresting games.

If axis attack Russia with level 4 jets and 5 airfleets Stalin will have a hard time surviving.

Ok now maybe a wiseguy is saying; "well air really did control the battlefield in ww2" Well punk thats right but not to this degree. 5 experienced axis jet 4 airfleets will chunk 4-5 corps of russia every turn.

So with this thread I only wishh to acknowledge Iron Rangers wise decision to play with house rules. I will try it out and see if it changes the game-play.

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