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Ryder cup, Kuniworth(axis) vs Wachtmeister(allies) New AAR


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"Oh man, what horrible stuff!

"Zappsweden is burnt out,

"Kuniworth is using all sorts of nasty language and even getting mad at everybody's favorite, Terif!

"Hubert is acting like a God,

"JerseyJohn lost a couple of U-boats and an Army and now he's also lost his coursge -- again!

"Then Kurt88, my idol and hero image, goes and loozzes a game to his girlfriend!

"I can't take anymore.

"Alright, I can take a little more, let's see if Kurt wins the rematch."

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You had an advantage in the first game with early French conversion, but I certainly was not contemplating surrender. You agreed to the restart then, and did not mention anything about cheating. Good thing, since I would have provided some clinical detail in regard to what you could do with the match, and your attitude. Now that you fail to deal with adversity, in the rematch you agreed to, suddenly "technical difficulties" become "cheating"!? Somehow I don't think I'm the one who was asleep in ethics class.

Since your mind is made up, Kuni, all further attempts to confuse you with facts hereby cease. Grow up Sonny.

Only for the benefit of other SC Ryder Cup participants, and Team USA Capt. Rambo, the facts in regard to the 1st game, and the need to restart are summarized as follows:

1. When I tried to rejoin the original game, the password, I had written down, simply would not let me in. This is the only problem I have ever had in several dozen SC TCP/IP games.

2. As Terif pointed out, I could inadvertantly have mistyped a password different that what I wrote down. I had considered this possibility and tried numerous variations without success. Obviously, I did not mess up the original password on purpose, since the game had not even started. If I could foretell the future that well I'd be too busy playing the stock market, to have time for SC.

3. I also tied to boot up the autosave, however, In the heat of the moment, I forgot I had completed another game with CCR_3 between the time the Ryder match started, and the attempted continuation, two days later. So, the autosave I had was for that game, not the Ryder game. I should have made a named save for the Ryder game, an already admitted mistake.

4. Once before in a PBEM game with JJ, he could not get has password to work, so I sent him my password, and he was able to load the file. Even though this was TCP/IP, I asked Kuniworth to send me his save and password. I planned to see if I could aceess the file, and get the game started again, however, the file would not load at all. Instead, I got an error message stating that the file was from a previous version. I double checked by moving all files out of the directory except the Ryder save file. This was the only file that would not load. I also checked and verified that the file was not read -only.

5.Since I was out of ideas, and no one else advanced any, a restart was agreed to by all parties.

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