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Germany won WWI scenerio


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I have created an interesting scenario that takes a alternate history route where Germany has won WWI.


Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, the LC, Turkey, Iraq, Denmark, and Finland make up the Axis while Russia, Yugoslavia, and Greece make up the Allies. The USA, France, and UK stay out.

I was able the regular allies neutral by setting them all Axis conquered and giving them to the USA in the editor. UK and France are given a large amount of starting MPPS in case Germany decides to declare war on the USA. If Germany does decide to declare war, they must not invade France, UK, or USA on the same turn they declare war.

Italy gets to play a very special role. I have created a demilitarized zone between Germany and Russia using Italian territory as the buffer. Since Italy starts the game off as neutral, both sides can not enter the zone.

This allow both sides time to build up the forces they want. I feel the added freedom adds a lot to the game.


The Russians get to have their winter war with Finland (not really in the Axis) and the Germans get to beat up on Yugoslavia and Greece (revolting parts of the Ottoman empire and Austria Hungary).

WWII begins when Italy joins the Axis in June (set to historical) or if the USSR declares war on them. When Italy enters the war, the buffer zone is passable by all units. This setup puts a lot of control of the war in allied hands should the Russian player decide to surprise attack Germany.

Before the war, Russia can also declare war on Sweden since they fall on their respective side of the Buffer zone. If Russia takes Sweden they can attack Norway which would act as another trigger for WWII. USSR must declare war on Italy the turn after attacking Norway.

One note of interest is that I could not extend my buffer zone all the way to the edge of the map without the game crashing so pretend it is not there.

House rules are relatively few and obvious.

1. You cannot cross the neutral zones until "war" is declared.

2. The neutral zones continue onto the sea hexes. Russia must declare war on Italy one turn after attacking Norway.

3. Germany cannot invade UK or France (if war is declared) until the turn after declaring war.






Remember to use your starting research chits

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A very interesting Scenario, looking forward to giving it a shot with the Creator!

"Of course we won. I remember telling the Kaiser about it. Later I told him about something else, a trivial conversation I don't recall at the moment."


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To all three of you who are interested :D , I have updated the campain and emailed it to otto in hopes of it being hosted on his site. The new name for it is Red September. I have also revised my first post to reflect the changes and clear up some things.

Suggestions/feedback/comments are still very much wanted

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