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Terif VS Liam


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Monty VS Field Marshall Rommel<undefeated>

The bid was high for the Allies, around 260-280

I took out France, lots of corps typical defense.

A few wise crack hits knocked out 1 German Army 2 corps. Though also cost a few extra MPPs for the UK. I left Ireland before Carrier experience became too high... Cleaned out France then TCC... During this phaze I may have lost 1 corps and had a few ships damaged by clever Terif. He caught me in the Western Med, near Vichy but I caught him back later when he stuck around too long and killed of a nice experienced UK Battleship and damaged a few others. In the MidEast I cleaned house and he kept that a bit too long for my tastes...

All the Minors that should be are mine. The Tech now has gone a little bonkers. There has been no major LW and RAF engagements this game. There has been a lot of research apparently and the UK has revealed they've jets 4. Top Secret what us Germans have in store for them ;)

Although I'm certian Terif has a pretty good idea that I'm pretty high tech as he is. We may see, Level 2 or 3 LR Jets, Level 4 Jets Pre-Barby here. Now that I'm moving in place to kill the Initial Reds off and prepare to take the Urals before Essen the Rhine falls we'll see!

I know that Terif would like a bit more experience for his Carriers and the US readiness is far lower than it should be as so we're bought a few precious turns to do some MAJOR damage. Right now I'd say this game is a split and highly dependant on the errors between D-day and Barby and who pushes their pieces "All-In" at the wrong time. Likely a place where Terif has more experience but I'm not to be underestimated, I've been training

I look forward to the DeathMatch Conclusion and will Reds with so much MPPs this game will be an immense challenge if I win...

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