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AAR : Big names, Big game.......Hellraiser(Allies) vs. RamboLegend(Axis)


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December '39

-British Corp R.I.P., just below Elbow hex. This cuts off another British in Elbow hex. I send in a damaged Bunta corp of strength 5, but Canadians are prepared to land & pound him.

-Manstein signs multi-year goosestepping contract.

-4th LF purchased.

-3rd Panzer bought previous turn, looking to exploit.

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March '40

-Infantry hit the First Blood Hex, followed by Luftwaffe, French Army RIP. FBH is occupied by a fresh strength 10 panzer

-Armor in Elbow hex withdraws back to German after getting pinged down to 5. We leave the hex empty, because UK corps sailed West down the English Channel.

-Germans also attacking the Western Ardennes

-Bunta generals experience grows.

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