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Rambo VS Liam, Warriors of Steele


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the new bidding system 1:10:30

aprox 215-220 bid.. Liam the Axis Supreme Commandante ;)

I kicked through Polacks, breakthrough miracle. Danes fell quick with LW help.. Ripped of the Danish and Polish Treasuries to finance Manny only 4 LWs bought for France

LC was delayed and lost to the Allies, Allies lost France regardless USA Readiness pushed. We managed to kill 1 cruiser, damage 2 French ones and halve a British Battleship as well as kill some Allied Merchants. French lost their Armor, escaped I assume with a Ton of Goods... They focused on the Italian fleet killed our Brave Frogmen and damaged Italian navy but took a tiny bit of damage and immense operating costs there.. British Industry and Science falling behind with this. No Ireland.. Mostly Brits retreat whenever I turn up the heat... Germany dominates early game... Italy is a weak partner but no major losses. and no major gains for Allies against her. still 3 battleships and 1 cruiser many corps

CookieCutter Aside from Vichy, was stocking up on my readiness...

I took direct hits on British Bomber Command South of London and no kill, Battle of Britian was delayed, Germany lost a few hundred planes Allies lost 500-1000..

Germany held off late on hitting Sweden, Norway reserving the cost of invasion till fully prepared...

Spain fell, Med Fell ubereasy due to Early Italian Entry and Il Duce Claimed a 2nd Rome till Hitler ordered all Suez/Egypt Possessions return to Grey Control

Barb launched late in '41:

We managed to leave 1 Red Tank in tact halfway damaged no Red AFs, all but 1 Red Army killed

North Line holds, German Army Group North with the Kriegsmarine Pounds the Coastal Defenders in the Baltic...Riga holds... 1 Red Cruiser left in the Baltic after a surprise Germany smash hit. Army Group Center leaves Prippets alone, and Army Group South smashes through to first Northern Kievan Mine... Reds won't hold if full brunt of Axis Superiority is unleashed anywhere here now... Just worry about the Ant Theory is all

Americans launch a dummy assault on Spain but it's a good diversion along with Stalin's hammering blow on Turkey..<i'll let Rambo do commentary on his offensives>

We took Vichy a little late due to being overextended in tech...but Germany has a wide erray of Super Weapons including the ME262 in 1941 and noone else in the world can compete.. USAF and RAF are cannonfodder hiding from our master race Airfleets ;)

Despite a decent initial hit, Russia isn't too damaged, and Iraq was never fully conquored just DOWed and occuppied a outskirts before Turkish and Red Tanks poured through Northern Mountains to liberate her... This is the current situation. Iraq-Mid East falling to Reds, Turkey Ify... Western Allies wussies disbanding and surrendering to the Greys rather than fight like men<just as Der Fuhrer would have guessed, Yanks ain't got what it takes but to be a diversionary force>

Lucky bastard got into Iraq before I could setup.. That diversion is making my Red offense weak.. He's hittin and running with his West, and trying to get MPPs for Russia conquor Mid East and Turkey he won't succeed my Iron Fist will crush him<in a Arnie Swartzneggar<sp> voice> Rambo you just don't have these Muscles


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Hello SC Fans,

Yes, another wild shootout game! What a blast & this game continues.

Early game: Axis did not DOW on LC on turn#2, so I decided to spice it up & take it with the French smile.gif Rather than have the RAF get involved with France, I flew them to Algeria to await the Italian early enter. The French held the Rhine for awhile, until the LF & some strong ground forces worked it's way thru. The RN had an entertaining time in the MedFront. The majority of the fleet & all the carriers took jabs at anything in site, the Italians had to run away. Allies captured Sicily & the Western city in Libya, that was fun for awhile.

The quiet period was just that, LF nearly killed my UK-Bomber which flew a little of course & got spotted. A little air combat, interception over the channel. The bomber survived at strength-2.

Things went bad in the tech market, Nazis flyers are at Jets+4, as usual, I've only got Jets+1 with UK, USA finally got Jets+2.

Barbarossa was the usual, Jets & ground units. I was forced to try a Portugal Gambit smile.gif Nazis hadn't taken Portugal so I sent units there to plunder the bastards. I lost Eisenhower & two Armies, that was a tough one landing Ike. Well, at least it force Gerry to operand a boatload of LF & some key pieces out of Russia. I had no choice but to try something new until I catch up in tech.

The Russians own half of Turkey, Iraq (well UK gets the conversion), & Beruit. The game continues, I need technology!

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After the initial Soviet invasion of Syria-Iraq-Turkey and total domination of the MidEast and Western Allies lost a Major defeat in Portugal<though committing to the new Western Front as Stalin had asked> Axis forces battle it out in Eruzum losing that city and many Panzer divisions in Russia. Nearly collasping our front but the Wermacht holds firm, kicks back the initial Russian Assualt and Instanbul and Ankara remain in Axis hands.

Iraq is now occuppied by the Brits however and the MPP balance is shifting

Russia claimed many German tanks paid in nearly losing 2 HQs<1 lived on at 1 Strength somehow> some Red equipment was destroyed and later the Front transfered back North, where 3 Red Airfleets were destroyed. Riga has fallen after numerous assaults. Finally German Technology still reigns supreme overall... The West Brits and Americans have caught up nearly Luftwaffe RAF USAF have been battling it out in 'mini battles' very small committment of LW forces till just now a few errors on the High Command in this regards. Reds still very much in tact, Minsk poised to fall... Red Mines still pumping lots of juice into war machine... Axis Do delay D-Day that has nearly 7 Carriers now due the time bought by the Red sacrifice...

Due to our superior tech, we prevail, superior AT and JET and now some other goodies revealed...

Though Allies have MPP advantage and no mainland Euro city is taken aside from Brest so far, Paris could fall any turn now, just will take a full Allied assualt <Allies have more units than Axis overall by a 1/4th margin Axis units are still superior in experience FOR NOW>

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We were forced to answer the Western offensive with a strong offensive of our own. A literal Battle of the Bulge at Sea to break the backs of the Bloody English and Tyrnnical Americans... Der Fuhrer Liam Von Gutz Issued orders to smoosh the Allied Air Power of Western Europe

After the fall of LC, we liberated them along with this nasty treatment < the brilliant Erich Von Manstein with 4 Stars headed this expedition>

Rambo would pay for is misunderstanding of German Superior Technology when Level 3 subs launched a surprise assualt on a US Carrier near Denmark, along with the old and trusty Scharnhorst and Gneisenau who both had near 3 Experience Bars going in to this Naval Battle. The Luftwaffe would also assist full pronged Naval Assualt. Claiming a US Battleship, a 2nd US Carrier and 2 USAF fighters... Also badly weakening the US and UK Fleets and Airforces after just 1 turn forcing them to retreat to regain breath. Although during this engagement all Axis Naval Forces in the Baltic were sent to the bottom...the comparetive cost was worthwhile

This expensive operation of Wermacht forces was of little consequence as the the Soviets Launched their Assualt on Finland and were also stopped cold in their tracks there.. Their losses were extreme, the last Red Figher at Level3 right before of any use was destroyed over Leningrad... the new evolved ME262 with drop tanks is unstoppable<not 1 LW fighter has been lost yet to either Carriers or Airfleets of the enemy>

The MidEast is still firmly in Red Hands sadly and the MPP Balance is almost divided 50/50 however the Italian MPPs are of little meaning at this point...

Reds are weak, Minsk poised to fall, amphibious Italian Domilitionists took out Mines South of Rostov via Instanbul Port. Turkey has been quiet once Soviet forces transfered to Finland to attack our defenseless brothers there... Another Soviet mine was captured North of Kiev, and it looks as if it's possible a Front collapse could be in the bigger picture as superior German Experience has the upperhand here now and AT Armies.

German AT Tech is Level 3, so is Russias

All across the board Level 4 Jets except Soviets, LR is now raising as well<uncertian precisely at this time> perhaps level 2 for Allies

Germany has all techs and experience..

Now much relies on the tactical decisions on both sides.. This battle is stretching into 1944, Axis Forces determine a Late 1945 Total Axis Victory

Viva La Axis

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result: DRAW, (June 1944)

What can I say? Another Legendary game between the West Coast Legend (Rambo) vs East Coast Icon (Liam). The Fritz had tech advantage & controlled the skies. The UK/USA was able to kept the Luftwaffe honest, to at least delay the pounding Russia was taking. The Reds held the Lennigrad & down line (and Eastern Turkey), while the UK/USA held Brest, Gibralter, Iraq...so the Allies had some MMPs to play with, but those experience Nazis in Russia were dishing out some damage.

We decided to call this one a draw, in turned into trench warfare. It would take Germany awhile to take Russia, awhile, I had alot of defenders. It would take Fritz to ignore UK/USA, & I would have busted out if it wasn't for his balance.

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Rambo seized the opportunity of a German attack on Vichy and for my foolishness managed to halt Nazi MPPs early..

I wasn't too thrilled toward the ending with the trenchwarfare but we were having some fun. My LW was way too powerful for the RAF-USAF-RedAF to contend with... At least Mins -8 Allied Airfleets during the game not including the Swedes and Poles which gave me the ability to survive with less than par MPPs for a bit there.

Also the fact that I was capturing pieces of Russia that went directly into my bank and I kept Reds outta Finland...

Altogether the Allies had some great early offensives but they bogged down. Along with the Axis we had a thrilling comeback. Overall I spent too much on Chits and would've been better off having invaded Russia late and not taken out one of their armies if I could've taken Iraq IMO... Tech definitely made it impossible for D-Day to every really break out for the Allies and came much too late for the Reds to contend with me before experience became a factor.

Overall this is just to show do not mess with Me as Axis ;) I went for a new strategy here it sorta hurt me but I enjoyed it for a bit...we need SC2 and a new set of strategies... I am confidant if I had good percentages now I could perhaps give Terif a match worth playing maybe even win 1 in 50

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