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Zappsweden - Dragonheart Game 3 (DH won 2:1 standing best of 7)


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What happened meanwhile.

-converted sweden,norway,egypt

-did not dow vichy

-after joining of minors i dowed spain

-Brest taken

-allied fleet trains arround sizilia and destroyed 3 it. ships with (italy at GLR1)

-also heavy allied losses there

-no tech advance so far for germany

The following posts from zapp are from the other tread, he copy pasted it and deleted in in the other tread to avoid double posting.

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Early stages:

Axis have been using Luftwaffe in Baltic to kill 2 UK ships. One Axis sub sunk in Baltis. Allied navy heads home.

Axis subs in Atlantic almost gone.

Axis took empty elbow hex. Allies counter and retake it using ships+carriers+air+ground.

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End of August 41

-Axis take positions for Barbarossa alot of stuff bought

-still no jet tech, but got LR 1 during spain campagne

-Barbarossa will kick of Nov. or Dez i guess

-This time i will dow them for sure ;)

-4 th HQ made contract with axis--->rommel soon there will be 6

Short summary

-i was hoping allied fleet appearence in the med, but as i gave them no target through not dowing vichy they came to me, i ignored them let them do what they want until reaching GLR1 then i countered arround sizily but the english fleet was to numerous so italians were badly outnumbered

-zapp felt secure and stayed a couple of turns

-meanwhile i conquered spain and 5 fighters took positions near madrid with LR1 all targets were reachable so it was easy to kill the remaining fleet and 2 carriers

-with england now rather weak i dowed vichy as i didnt care the joining of US

-zapp will now need a very strong russian gameplay..he has arround 7000 MPP to spend

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