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Taking some time off.......

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For the first time since I started playing SC, I think I've reached a burnout point.

It may be just stress from school, I know its been effecting my overall mood these past couple months. I graduate from high school June 2nd, but our classes end this Wednesday, so I'm rushing to get stuff turned in so I can graduate.

Was just looking over my AAR with aesopo123 and realized that I shouldn't have reacted the way I did and normally I wouldn't have.

So aesopo123, I apologize.

I owe you game as soon as I get back, shouldn't be more than a couple days, maybe a week or two.


I'll still be on ICQ, so when you need help with the website, just ask.

Comrade Trapp

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Have a good one CT.

Reading that AAR I think it was a mutual antagonism and it wasn't as bad as you might feel it is, just a running feud sort of thing. I've been much nastier at times. It happens.

Looking forward to your return. ;)

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