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Four New Books For Sale Now at the Battlefront Bookshelf


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We are proud to announce the availability of four new books for sale in our ever-growing Battlefront Bookshelf area.

They are:

Dritte Nordland: The photo history of the Finnish Volunteer Battalion of the Waffen SS 1941-43

This book provides the complete photographic history of the finnisches Freiwilligen-Bataillon der Waffen-SS, from their first training through two years of war and their final return to Finland.

Wehrmacht Panzers in Finland: Panzer units in Finland 1941-1944

Using a combination of excellent photographs and highly detailed text from German and Finnish sources, this book narrates the complete history of German Panzer and Sturmgesch├╝tz units operating in Finland.

My Honor is Loyalty! Uniforms of the Finnish SS volunteers 1941-43

Using a mix of many original period black & white photographs, and contemporary color detail photographs, all forms of jackets, caps, unit and rank insignia, helmets, cuff titles, winter clothing, tent quarters, and camouflage accessories are covered in this book.

Uniform m/36 during years 1936-1945-

Using approximately 250 original black&white photographs as well as color photos of reenactors with original uniforms and detail drawings, this book leaves no questions open for collectors, modders, reenactors or WWII buffs about the uniform model 1936.

These books literally OOZE quality and are printed in both Finnish and English language for all you Uber-Finns and wanna be Ubers alike.

The prices are the best I have found online and they will make worthy additions to your book collections!

Check them out!

The Battlefront Bookshelf


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