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Multiplayer AAR CvM vs. Brad T. The War to End All Wars ( WORLD WAR 1)

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CvM and Brad T. Present...


The War to End All Wars

(Der Krieg, zum aller Kriege zu beenden)

I will be the Central Powers, Brad is the Triple Alliance.

Noon, Berlin August 1st 1914


The German Ultimatem to Russia Expired without response. Germany is now at war with the Slavs.

Soon, She, Austro-Hungary and The Ottoman Empire are now at war with France, and Russia. Italy is then pushed into War By France is an Attempt to draw Austro-Hungarian Troops away from the Russian Border

Germany, which has been mobilizing for some time, is ready to go on the offensive, it is hoped that it will catch the French Armies off guard. It will focus the bulk of its armies to france, then shift to Russia. It will follow the Schlieffen Plan.

But following this plan would surely bring Britain into the conflict, along with her Royal Navy, which was the only force capable of matching the German Hoshseeflotte.

Within days the Germans had crossed into Belgium and had brought Britain in the war. Would the Germans be able to outflank the French?

only if Schlieffen's criteria was met:

"Let the last man on the right Brush the channel with his sleeve..."

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August 15th 1914.


We quickly moved the BEF and XX Corps Frace, with help of battleships occupying Londons port, A trench line was set up on the Italian front, and the men have begun to dig a line in Northern France, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and New Zealands men have joined the war.

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The Germans Quickly overrun Belgium, forcing them to capitulate.


By August 15th the Germans are 50 Miles from Paris, a line has Quickly been formed by the Allies. Both Armies fight hard to gain ground, but it is becoming more difficult.

In the Balkans, the Serb Seperatists and Bulgarians are crushed. The Austro-Hungarian Army quickly mobilizes for the coming conflict.

On the seas, the German High seas fleet steams into the Channel to Challenge British shipping.

Would the Sailors of Germany Stand up to the Vaunted Royal Navy?

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Late August:

The Allies are bloodily repulsed at the Battle of the Marne outside Paris. The Allies are pushed hard, and the Germans rush Reinforcements to the Front.

The Allied Landing at Athens comes as a shock to Ottoman Forces, who, in coordination with their Austro-Hungarian Allies Prepare to expell them.

In the Channel, the Highseas Fleet Quickly Retires to Friendly waters, losing several Light Cruisers and Destroyers, but losing No flagships.

In the Atlantic, the new Unterseebootes wreak havoc on unescorted British Merchant Vessels.

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The Germans in the West, under General Moltke (Runstedt) Dig in. The Repel a British Attack in Flanders.

In the Balkans, the Ottoman-Austro-Hungarian force Prepares to stike at the Australians in Athens.

Heavy fighting is reported on the Sinai Peninsula Between Ottoman and Commonwealth Troops.

In Mid October, the Larhe Commonwealth Contingent in the Sinai is surrounded. An Ottoman Corps Appears behind the British Lines, and Seizes the Suez Canal


(Ottoman Troops Dug in during the Great Sinai Campaign)

In the East, the Hungarian Army sneaks behind the Bulk of the fighting Taking place around Warsaw, advancing to within 80 miles of Kiev.

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October 17th, 1914: The French unloaded an offencive against the Germans, with no major gains, the Russians have fighting and created an eastern Front.

We thought this war would be over by Christmas but it looks nowhere near promising.

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Mid November:

Hungarian Units Near Kiev withdraw due to overextended supply lines. Ottoman Armies in Egypt Consolidate hol don Suez Canal.

Near Warsaw, and entire Russian ArmyCorps is destroyed but fierce fighting contiues.

In France: War of Attrition rages on, the first frost falls as troops dig deeper into the Frozen Earth

"Home Before the Leaves fall...." the Soldiers thought.....

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December 1914:

THe front in Northern Italy Remains static.

In the East, hard fighting continues around Warsaw.

In Egypt, the Commonwealth Armies are nearly Decimated.

Then Somthing Odd happens... On the Evening of December troops German soldiers Carroled to themselves. Across the No-Man's land, the sounds of British accents was heard singing 'O Tannenbaum' in their Native Tounge. An impromptu truce sprang up along the lines, Much to the High Command's dismay

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Janurary 9th: 1915

A unwritten Truce happend around Christmas time in France, the men decided not to fight, no offencives were launched, could the Germans be scared? Rebuilding? Or like our Great warriors not want to fight in the Holy Time.

General Haeig launched a major attack using BEF Army, 2nd Army, and Canada Corps on 2 German armies including the 2nd. When may this war end, We have produced the 3rd and 4th Army but we need more troops in the Mid-East, Greece, Italy, France and need more ships to confront the Germans in the High Seas.

Egypt is a lossed cause!

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January 1915: The Attack in the West Continues, the 3rd Army inflict significant casualties on the 1st Canadian Army.

In the East:

The Warsaw Garrison is Nearly Decimated

Heavy Fighting all along border.

Northern Italy:

Heavy Casualties Inflicted on Italian Troops

Egypt: Jihad corps and HolyLand Army begin march on Cairo and Alexandria

Black Sea: Turkish Navy engages Russian Black Sea fleetm causing much damage.

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April, 1915:

We lost 50 miles and we did a full counter attack to attempt to retake it, the French corps defending that land fell a week before, All counter attacks left the enemy beaten.

In Greece we went after a retreating Ottoman corps, which was left at 30% strength after we were done, all looks promising on Eastern Front.

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April 1915:

Western Front:

New Gains in France Consolidated

Eastern Front:

Warsaw Taken by the 11th Army, Under the Command of Ehrich Ludendorff. In the south, Austro-Hungarian Units advance.


(Russian Prisoners taken during the Battle of Warsaw)

Northern Italy:

Line Remains as is


Ottomans Prepare for offensive

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All looked dangerous in the Eastern Front, Warsaw fell, and Russia launched an all out assult on German, ottoman forces, destroying 2 armies and a corps, but the situation looks dim for the Russians.

3rd Army arrives in Italy, a corps sneeked through the Italian lines and reached Germany, it is only for propaganda, but those Italians are doomed.

We are planning for the next offencive.

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June 1915:


The German 4th Army arrives within 60 miles of Paris after Defeating A French Field army.

In the Baltic, the High Seas Fleet challenges the Russian Navy in the Gulf of Finland. It nearly decimated a Russian Battlegroup

The Austro Hungarian Army reinforces on the Border Between Russia and the Balkans.

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The Canadians and French left an assult on the German 9th Army, leaving it at 10%, so close to our first victory! Looks like Greece has more fighting starting, the French Algerian corps ran into enemy fire while clearing the mountains leading to Bulgaria.

The Royal Czar army, (3 Army groups, 1 Corps) soon to be lead by the Czar himself, attacked destroying 90% of the enemy,

We lost 50 miles in Mid-East France. but hope to recapture.

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July 1915:


Units Reinforced, lines consolidated

Russian Border:

8th Army makes contact with 1st Royal Czar Army

Line Consolidated

Northern Italy:

Heavy fighting in mountains continues

Balkans: French Corps surrounded in Northern Greece

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